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Wednesday, 29 December 2021

Tuesday, 8 June 2021

crochet star coaster

The Star  Coaster is a free crochet pattern for a bright and cheerful star coaster! A great yarn scrap project that works up quickly!visit my face book page-

We will need scrap yarn and 2.5 mm crochet hook.

Introduction -Start from5 foundation chains.join it together with slip stitch.form aring.3ch count as a 1st dc 2more dc in same ring 2ch3dc2ch....repeat it.Total I have 4 times.

2nd-3rd  and 4th round-3dc2ch3dc in same space.repeat it each space.

5th Round-3dc2ch3dc in corner space 2ch3dc in next space.

6th round-3dc2ch3dc in corner space skip next3st 3dc in next spaceskip 3stedc in next space2ch3dc2ch3dc in next corner space.

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Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Crochet Crown Ear Warmer

 πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’—Crochet Crown Ear Warmer

This is a very beautifulπŸ’— pattern of crochet crown Ear warmer. We can make it only few hour. In this pattern I am using baby soft yarn and 2.5 mm crochet hook .This crochet crown Ear warmer is for 0 to 3 months size.

- ♥️Take 7 foundation chains. Take 2 more chains count as a first hdc [half double crochet].make 1 h dc in next 6 stitches.2 chain in last stitch turnover make 1 hdc in every back loop only.


♥️Repeat same stitch in 12 lines or required size. First measure crown {head} diameter.
After that join together of the two parts....with single crochet.
️Next round-1 hdc in next every stitches.
️Next round- make one hdc in the last back loop only.
♥️Repeat 3 lines.

♥️πŸŽ„️skip 2 stitches, make 5 DC, 3ch, go to the third Ch. from hook make one SC, 5dc, in next (same) st..Skip 2 stitches, repeat same stitches all around. This is the last round of the crown. Cut yarn, fasten off. We can attach some beads in the middle of crown.

πŸŽ„♥️πŸŽ„♥️Thank you



Monday, 24 May 2021

Crochet cupcake Applique

These crochet cupcake applique can be used in clothes,blanket or any craft project.
what will need-
(Red,yellow,whiteand pink)srape yarn
3mm crochet hook
Craft needle
Introduction- Take foundation chains(multiple of 2+1)
I have taken 13 chains
1st Round-1double crochet stitch in 3st from hook.2more doublecrochet  in same stitch.1ch skip 2 stitch3dc in next st...repeat in this round.
2nd Round-Turn...skip 3st go to the space with slip stitch.make3dc2ch..skip next 3st go the space make3dc 1ch...

3rd Round-Attach 2nd color yarn make 3dc in 1st round st.
5th Round--skipvery first3dc st go to the space with slip stitch make 3dc1ch...3dc in next space2ch3dc in next.
6th Round-Attach 3rd color yarn.go to the first space.make3dc1ch skip next 3st make3dc in next stitch.
7th Round-Attach 4th color yarn .(Cherry) make bubble stitch in space between dc stitch.Use red color yarn for cherry.
This is a very simple and unique pattern of crochet cupcake applique.We can make it easily.❤
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Sunday, 23 May 2021


This is a very easy crochet baby hat for beginners. In this hat i have 
used 2 color of worsted weighed yarn. and 3 mm crochet hook. This hat is best for winter season. 
First you measure your head size and then you make chain,here i

have taken 80 chains and this is a  size for 2-3 years baby boy.
make 3 ch, form a ring by slst in first ch......

make 2ch, count as first dc(double crochet)15 dc into this ring
2dc in the first ch, 1 dc in next st.......repeat same pattern all around
  your circle.4-5 row repeat.

change color as per your choice.
1dc in every st....repeat 6-9. lines
color change and repeat same pattern1-2 lines....
i have made ear flap in this hat........ you take 14 ch and make 14 dc 
in every st.......... repeat other side of hat same pattern. divide into two equal parts.
decrease your stitch each side.....
repeat 5-6 lines 
attach two ribbon.
 I have made two ear of beenieso, you make two small ring and attach it in back side of hat.....

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